If you’re looking to add a timber retaining wall to your Perth property, HJW carpentry can help.

We create retaining walls which increase your garden’s usable space and enhance the look and feel of your home. We take pride in building beautiful timber retaining walls for whatever your needs. Contact us for a free quote now.

Increase the look and feel of your home

A timber wall—or a timber-steel combination wall—makes an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home. Consider durable, natural timber retaining walls from HJW Carpentry to enhance your home’s street appeal.

Increase Usable Space

If your home sits on a sloping block, a well-designed retaining wall is a great way to make the most of your property’s available space. Not only will it give you more usable area on your grounds, but a retaining wall will also help you ward off the effects of gravity and erosion. At HJW Carpentry, we are experts at designing retaining walls which make the most of your available space.

Protect and Beautify Your Pool Area

If you have a pool on their property, you want any excess water to flow away from your pool, taking dirt and debris with it. If your home is on a sloping block, you may need to build a retaining wall to direct excess water away from the pool. Whatever your requirements, HJW carpentry have experience in building retaining walls which protect pools while beautifying their setting.

Create More Space for Your Garden

If you have sloped areas in your landscape and want to find a way to create more space for your garden, a timber retaining wall is a great, natural option. HJW Carpentry can create a retaining wall which will increase your garden’s usable space without spoiling the sprung-from-nature look you want.

Control Water Damage and Erosion

If you have a problem with water drainage or erosion on your property, a retaining wall can help.

HJW Carpentry can build a retaining wall that will help you control drainage and erosion. You’ll retain more soil; you won’t have water pooling in unwanted places, and your yard and garden will look picture-perfect.

Save Time and Money with HJW Carpentry

The expert carpenters at HJW Carpentry know which materials and construction techniques to use, whatever your situation and needs. Save time and money on your retaining wall project by trusting the experts.

For a carpenter in the Perth area with years of experience building retaining walls for gardens, pools, and other uses, contact HJW Carpentry for a consultation today.